I am a professional dog photographer with 11 years of experience. Since I arrived in Austin, I have photographed over 350 dogs, including shelter dogs and events.

I am dog obsessed. I can't walk by a dog without saying hello or at the very least waving. I'm the one rolling around on the floor with pets at a party, while everyone else is socializing with each other.

I love taking dogs out on adventures in Austin where they can explore and be themselves. Each adventure session is unique, and allows the dog’s personality to translate into photographs. I am certified in animal CPR, and I will work with your dog using positive reinforcement and delicious snacks.  

When I’m not photographing beloved dogs for their loving owners to enjoy, I devote much of my time to fundraise for a number of animal nonprofits, including Austin Pets Alive! and Bailing Out Benji. In the past year, I have raised over nine thousand dollars towards these initiatives, and also started my own campaign to raise money for these organizations by photographing, designing and selling the annual Dog Yearbook.

In addition to photographing dogs as a business and fundraising for nonprofits, I am actively volunteering to walk dogs at the Austin Animal Center, and nurse young wildlife such as bunnies, owls, raccoons, and squirrels back to health at the Austin Wildlife Refuge.

Moose is my beloved sidekick. He is a 72-pound lap dog and professional bed hog.  He has lived in five states and traveled cross-country with me. Sebastian is my most recent addition, a rescue puppy from Cutie PitTooties Rescue, and playful pitbull mix.

Together we’re on a mission to end pet overpopulation, bring awareness to the amazing animal initiatives out there, and photograph dogs from every walk of life.

Krista Allenby                                                                                                                                                                       

Ruff Adventures, founder and photographer