Dog Adventure Photography

In Austin, Texas

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Ruff Adventures is dog adventure photography in the Austin city limits and hill country landscape. Each photography session is customizable to fit your dog's unique personality, and can be taken anywhere in the Austin area. Your dog will play and explore while we capture portrait and action shots to tell your pet's story.

Krista Allenby, Ruff Adventures founder and photographer, has over 11 years of experience in dog photography. Within the Austin dog population alone, she has photographed over 350 dogs, including shelter dogs and at dog events.

Krista’s greatest joy is meeting new dogs and taking them out on adventures where they can explore and be themselves. Each adventure session is unique, and she allows for the dog’s personality to shine through in the photographs. Krista is certified in animal CPR, and will work with your dog using positive reinforcement and delicious snacks in a low pressure, fun environment.